Thursday, December 1, 2011


The poem (or speech or whatever this is) that I wrote and recorded in the first ten minutes of December 2011.
Just kinda venting.

There is a time in your life when you look and stare and you think
What am I doing with my life
And you wonder why am I here, what am I doing
How is this going to help me in the future
And you think and you think and you think
And you overthink
You exhaust yourself and you’re stressed until you can’t think anymore and then you think of that stress and the troubles and dilemmas that come with not thinking, not planning not knowing and you sit down and cry and say
Why don’t I know, why can’t I think
Why can’t I afford that or go there and what am I doing my life
Why aren’t I happy and peace or smiling
Why can’t I cry, why do I feel fat, and why am I sitting here depressed and just eating
Why don’t I go for a walk in the park or see friends or be with family
why don’t I live just a little bit more
Live my life out, fulfill it do something worth doing
Play an instrument, learn a language, make friends or try out
Join a club, have a hobby, take risks, try to bake
And you think that and wonder and stress as you lecture yourself on the things you could do or should do and are not
And you stress and you lecture and spend all your time on the stressing and lecturing and and when you are done
You’ve done nothing, no living no trying or failing
No winning or loosing no smiling or falling
You’re the same lost and stressed and still stressing and failing
Cause you never stepped out in any acting or doing
So next time you’re stressing throw caution to the wind and just GO

- Dec 01/11

Here's a vid of my reading it. *video link*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On Sunday I went to a nerdfighter gathering that I had the privilege of organizing. It was the funnest thing I’ve ever been to. I got there half an hour early because my parents dropped me off and then I waited inside of the building we were meeting outside of. (When I said we were gonna meet outside, I somehow didn’t realize that I live in Winnipeg and therefore November means winter which means cold.) I had brought along my iPod as a time keeping device and my copy of Paper Towns so that my fellow nerdfighters would know where to gather. I sat for fifteen minutes with butterflies buzzing in my stomach convincing myself that no one was coming and I would be a loser and all alone all afternoon. Then I just did it went outside to wait at the designated spot. (It was still fifteen minutes before the actual gathering was to begin, but I went out just in case anyone was early.)
The earliest anyone was, was like five minutes early so I was a little chilly by that time. I was watching a little kid shoving snow off a ledge when a guy siddled up to me, well not siddled, that’s a creepy words, I guy came up beside me, looked at my book and said “Are you here for the nerdfighter gathering?” If I had been a radom person reading that book sitting there I would have felt bad for him, he almost looked athough he expected me to say no. Thankfully I grinned and said “Yup! I’m Becky, what’s your name?” He was Justin and soon after my buddy Emily (who introduced me to nerdfightaria) came up. We waited til two and then Dan and Destiny came. By ten after two we decided waiting inside would be forgivable and migrated to where I’d waited when I first arrived. By the time we got inside there were like eight of us. Then three more came. Then we all reintroduced ourselves, promptly forgot almost everybody’s names and got ready to nerdily make friends. We had no plan, I’d not known if anyone would show up and that always makes planning ahead difficult. Those of us who wanted bought hot chocolate and mini donuts and then our group sat down in one of the seating areas (a practically empty one) and we sat there for about two and half hours just chatting.
I have never met a group of people that I felt more instantly at home with. We sat down, and we were friends. Conversation started slow but as common topics were breached and common interests discovered tongues flew smoother and faster. We could make Monty Python references and not have to explain them, we could wear Pizza John shirts and have others exclaim at their awesomeness, we could admit to all out loving Doctor Who and meet with approval not eye-rolling. It was so fun. Being able to whip out my video camera and have people act as though that was a completely normal thing to do instead of hiding their faces, to look at someone’s giraffe earrings and love them because they related to the vlogbrothers, not because they were giraffes. To clean up the garbage at our table as an action of Not Forgeting To Be Awesome. To admit to vlogging and have people think that was super cool, not need a definition.
Sunday November 27, 2011 from 2-5pm was when I first really felt I was not sitting on the outside of the conversation but I was part of it, that I was a part of something bigger, a part of a community, a part of nerdfightaria.

That's just some thoughts from a nerdfighter gathering...

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Watching (October 23, 2011)

Seasons change,
We must move on
Don’t get cozy,
It won’t last long

Grass is dying
Leaves are falling
Sun starts hiding
Rain is dropping

Colors deepen
Bright as fire
Firs stay green
Reaching higher

Hope through winter
Waiting for spring
Standing tall
As jingle bells ring

Then melts the snow
The puddles form
Buds open up
To air grown warm

Flowers bloom
As sun shines bright
Heat beats down
With glowing light

Then grass starts dying
Leaves, they’re falling
Sun tries hiding
Rain is dropping

Back full circle
Start again
From looking back
Always abstain

Seasons change
We must move on
Don’t get too cozy
It won’t last long

Sorry I haven't posted in eons, haven't written anything in a long time. I turned eighteen yesterday though! That was fun =)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Photographs (August 16, 2011)

You know how to act
How fake a smile in the eyes
You bare your teeth at the world
Thank of daisies and butterflies
The camera goes flash
The people turn away
Shining eyes fade to away
You can’t ever cry
It makes make up run
Give a sigh, bite your lip
Just makes it pinker anyway
Shake your head
Stand up straight
Smile again, shine your eyes
You can cry on the inside
And hurt all you want
But if you smile on the outside
That’s all that they want
Some will ask questions
But you lie, you’re okay
They know that you’re lying
But don’t know what to say
So you sigh
Fake a smile
Bare those teeth at the world
But the world doesn’t care
As long as your eyes smile too

Hi readers! Thanks to those of you who read my stuff, and those who comment, I always love hearing from you! I just wanted to tell you all that I have another blog I've recently started that I'm reviewing every book I read on. If you're interested in that feel free to check it out over here: Becky's Blogging Books. Thanks for reading!
- Becky

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Conversation (August 16, 2011)

Talkidy, talk
Yakidy, yak
Chatting is easy
It’s lighthearted
It’s funny
But stuff that’s inside
No that’s dirty
That’s yucky
Who wants to talk deep?
Talk of puppies and babies
Talk of rainbows and parties
Of laughing at stories
And make people happy
Don’t let loose your problems
Then people get burdened
When it’s your stuff to bear
Don’t talk about sad stuff
Those worries or problems
People don’t want to hear that
It makes stuff so awkward
So hide that away
Talk of happy and silly
Talk of sunshine and blue sky
It’s prettier anyway

Fire-Breathing Dragons

This is another one of five poems I've written in the last hour. I'm on fire! (Ouch, honestly no pun intended there...)

Fire-Breathing Dragons (August 17, 2011)

If you think of the future
You might fall down and die
It’s just too big
And too scary
When the present’s still here
Take one day at a time
Cause the future’s a monster
It’s a great fire-breathing dragon
Breathing hard down your neck
But when you come up to it closer
And really look in its eyes
You learn dragons can be nice
It’s a lovely surprise

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


NOTE: This does not represent my home as in my house with my parents, it represents leaving the school that I attended for thirteen years of my life.

Home (August 16, 2011)

She set it up
She had routines
She cleaned, and polished
Set up and rearranged
She had a nice little life
Comfortable and happy
The house was organized
People admired it
They showed it to others
As an example to follow
They showed her off
As someone who’s done well
Then one day they gave her a paper
They congratulated her
And they kicked her out of the house.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Know the Alphabet!

Sorry I haven't been very poetic recently. I've been busy? Okay fine I'm lazy and haven't got around to creative thinking... happy?

Anyway, I'm cleaning out my room (to be specific, my closet) and I just discovered a poem I wrote for a school project I THINK in grade 8 (2007ish) and I found it kinda funny so I'll share it with you. It's an "ABC Poem" which means the first letter of each new line has to follow the pattern of the alphabet. It seems that I rewrote Snow White and invented some new words...

ABC Story

A long time ago there was a beautiful Princess
But she had an evil stepmother
Consequently when the Princess' father died the evil stepmother took over
Desperate for the throne she planned to have the Princess killed
Expertly the prospective killer let the Princess free in the woods
Free, the Princess wandered until she found a small cottage
Gratefully she walked up and knocked
Harder she knocked but no one answered
Inquisitively, she walked in but no one was home
Just to make sure she walked around the house
Konfident that no one was there, she fell asleep
Later that day seven dwarves came home to their small house in the woods
Much disturbed at finding the door open, they walked in
Not seeing anyone they went upstairs
On four of the small beds lay the Princess
Presently she woke up and saw the seven dwarves
Quivering she stood up and the dwarves saw her beautiful dress and knew that she must be the Princess
Running over they said "Please stay with us oh, Princess!"
She said, "Oh alright", as she thought it would be fun to live with seven dwarves
Tidying up, she cleaned the house and made her new friends a meal
Understanding that her stepmother didn't like her, the Princess remained with the dwarves for a long time
Vengefully the evil Queen wanted still to kill the Princess
When the evil Queen went down a river her intent was to kill the Princess herself
X-caping her notice a waterfall appeared and over the top the evil Queen went
"Y?" She cried as she fell in her boat; her boat was crushed and she died, the Princess was free
Zen the Princess and the dwarves lived happily ever after.

Cheesy? I'll have you know I got 30/30...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I graduated high school yesterday. That was exciting...

Reflection - June 20, 2011

I am old now
I look at myself in the mirror and say
You’re too young
You’re too dumb
You can’t graduate today!

There’s more to learn
You need so much time to mature
Look at you
You’re a baby
Too innocent and pure

The big scary world,
Cause it’s out there you know,
It will eat you
Attack you
Give you blow after blow

Grads were grown-up
When I looked as a child
All mature
Had no problems
And were never ever wild

When I look
I’m opposite from what I saw then
Full of problems
I feel about ten

But here I stand
With a cap and a gown
I’m so nervous
That’s my name
I feel clumsy as a clown

Now it’s done
I’ve got my diploma in hand
Time to go
Room to grow
In this uncharted land

Friday, June 10, 2011

Night Adventure

Procrastination...isn't it great? =D
I think this mouse picture is dreadfully cute...
Result = New Poem

Night Adventure - June 10, 2011

All huddled up in the root of a tree
So cozy and snug, she's as warm as can be

Plenty of food piled high in her nest
Taking a chance with some well deserved rest

The sun dips down lower to hide past the hills
The birds say goodnight with some sweet "Goodnight" trills

She wakes up and decides it's time for a snack
Then she feels eyes boring into her back

An owl swoops down, barely missing her tail
So sacred and surprised, she lets of a wail

Scamper and scamper through the trees in the dark
She stops suddenly when she hears a dog bark

Whoosh, comes the owl, hooting as he goes
Straight is the only safe place that she knows

Quick through a broken-up crack in the wall
The owl gives up, flies away with a call

Well you're safe little mouse, got away for today
Just always be careful outside when you play...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Now I'm Grown

Graduating soon...two weeks tomorrow.

Now I'm Grown - June 2, 2011

Started in kindergarten
Timid and shy
A small little four year old
Refusing to cry

Made myself friends
That are still friends today
We're now taller and wiser
But still know how to play

Heading to grad
Looking back with a sigh
I wonder when it's over
Will I let myself cry?

The thought of grad was exciting
What's changed now I'm grown?
Will my friends move away?
Will I be left alone?

I'll start life as a grown-up
No longer timid or shy
But a young seventeen year old
Refusing to cry

(Okay fine, I probably wasn't very shy or timid on my first day of kindergarten, but I am seriously worrying that I might cry at graduation....)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Wrote this for a long answer question on an English test about authority, nationalism, and/or war.

Undeceived – May 3, 2011

To fight for the country, a marvelous thing
We’re told of the glory, when killings not sin
Defending our people, helping save lives
Killing those killers is right in our eyes

Young ones see glory, heroism, honor
The romance of war, not the guns nor the fire
They’ll come home as heroes, their enemies vanquished
Having fought, having won, gifts will be lavished

But where is the thought, the chance of a loss?
The focus is on one side but never across
When someone wins, then one always loses
Death fights for no side and accepts no excuses

Glory and romance and heroes are gone
Fire and shooting and death now belong
The stories they told us, of winning and honor
Never mentioned the screaming, how dying men holler...

The lies of authority ring in our ears
But to be called a coward...that everyone fears
We continue to fight, we face certain death
But those leaders, we’ll curse them with dying breath

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going in Circles

Going in Circles - April 29, 2011

Why is the last one always yucky?
There’s just one left in the bag
All the rest were fine and dandy
But that last one must be bad

No one wants to drink
The dribbles at the bottom
Something settles; good’s all gone
They’ve made evaporation station

The end is always sad
Even in the best of films
If you enjoyed it, now it’s over
No more, all gone, too bad

When something ends, the universe
Is mostly still intact
The old is gone but new will come
Beginnings need time to start

A first is always scary
Nerve-racking and teeth chatt’ring
But once in the groove
A first is fun, a start, a new beginning

No one would like anything
If they didn’t try it first
If they didn’t start, they wouldn’t know
We’d be stuck there being sad

Chapters end and chapters start
Beginning, end, beginning, end
The cycle of life circles round
Start, finish, start, finish

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


New Poem written at like midnight last night. that's that time i get my story/poem/etc ideas (between 12-3am cuz, you know, i'm cool like that...)

Insecurity - April 27, 2011

Too tall
Too short
Big nose
Small hands
Squished eyes
Stretched mouth
Big feet
Crooked teeth
Nose job
Tuck job
Too thin
Too fat
Not cool enough
Not popular enough
Not smart enough
Not pretty enough
Why can't I look more like her?
Why don't I look the way I want to be?
Why is this the me I have to see?
You messed up God, look at me!
Why aren't I PERFECT?

But wait,

I was made lovingly
Perfectly, hand-crafted
Knit together in my mother's womb
Made to be me
I am how I was made to be
When I insult me, I insult Him
The maker, designer, the perfect creator
I was made in his image and
I Am Beautiful
I don't need to reach the world's standard
They aren't my judge, I shouldn't be theirs'
I was made to be above pretty
Above looks, coolness, and popularity
I was made to be friendly, honest, and kind
Made to be loyal, and a good listener
Maybe I wasn't made to be a model
Maybe I'm a teacher, a doctor, and friend, a mother
I don't have to look like the magazine girls
I was made for a reason
Each uniqueness is there for a purpose
I am made perfectly by His standards
And that's all that matters
I am the me I was made to be.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Blogs are brilliant. Just saying...

Blogs give you a place to rant, to rave, to have an opinion (even if no one cares0, they give you a place to VENT!
Can you guess what's coming?

I think my teachers are in a gang. All of them. Like in the same gang. Their goal: to destroy my social life.
Now hold up Becky, you say. You have a social life?
Exactly. This is my point!
All my teachers will PILE ON THE HOMEWORK for one week, we have projects, test, assignments, and heaps of homework in every subject imaginable, and then the next week...I'm so bored I read multiple novels, write poetry, and communicate with the living (not that I've ever communicated with the non-living, it's just I'll have been a hermit the week before). I come out of my dark cave of a basement room, blinking confusedly at the sunlight, gasp in delight as I see the snow is gone and run outside without a jacket (only to find that I do live in Winnipeg and wind is cold).
See, no life.

This is one of THOSE weeks. Not the nice lazy oh-sun-exists? weeks, one of the JUST-KILL-ME-NOW-AND-GET-IT-OVER-WITH-I-WON'T-MAKE-IT-THROUGH-THE-WEEK-ANYWAY! weeks.
Ya. Basically.

See I'll give you an example, I have two tests this week, two infront-of-the-class-with-a-powerpoint presentations (one being a 40 minute long one) an massive ELA project due, an ELA book to read, questions to answer on the ELA book, observations to write down on the ELA book, homework in every subject in addition to the above-said insanity, I've been up past midnight every night for the past week and I'm working next Saturday so I can't catch up on sleep then AND I'M BEING MEAN TO MY SIBLINGS!
Though I doubt you're surprised at that last bit.
Hey I'd like to see you be in my place during a JUST-KILL-ME-NOW-AND-GET-IT-OVER-WITH-I-WON'T-MAKE-IT-THROUGH-THE-WEEK-ANYWAY! week. Seriously? Want to trade places for a week? Call me okay, we'll arrange something!

Thankfully next week is a three-day school week so in the possibility of me surviving this week, next week should be easier and with Thursday and Friday off (and I'm not working that Saturday!), I should catch up on some MUCH NEEDED sleep.

I'm using a lot of caps this blog arn't I?
I can't spell iehter. I left those mistakes in after correcting about a million, just to prove to you i can't spell.
Can you tell I'm stressed? I'm not even correcting speling!
Oh deer.

I'd beter go stduy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Poetry!

I have 47 days of high school left. Ever. This is so weird...

Since I've been unpoetic all of March I must make up for it in April. Spring is mostly here for some of the time and I like it. (I got a little scared when yesterday's rain morphed into snow but it didn't last,thank goodness!)

Spring (written March 31, 2011)

The twentieth of March is not the first day of Spring
That is to say, not always the day on which it does begin
Spring cannot be assigned a day on which it must occur
It starts in parts, in parts it starts
The coming of the Spring

In dirty snow, the roadway's slush
Through frozen puddles of frozen mush
The dreary grime, so grey and bleak
Here starts a part, the parts do start
The coming of the Spring

The icicles drip and puddles melt
Grey clouds gather, drops are felt
Away the dirt, the soot, the grime
Here start more parts, the parts do start
The coming of the Spring

Through patchy snow peeks yellow grass
Overnight puddles freeze, smooth as glass
Sun reappears and shares her warmth
Here starts a part, the parts do start
The coming of the Spring

Snow's gone to stay and grass grown green
The streets are once more clear and clean
In flowerbeds the plants now bloom
Here are the parts, these parts there are
And now has come the Spring

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

See any Vashta Nerada lately?

Some of you may know, some of you may not, but I am a massive nerd. Sci-fi, fantasy... love the stuff. Currently my top favorites are both British TV shows (because everything British is the best). Primeval is about rips in time opening and the team who has to fight and contain the creatures (mainly dinosaurs) that come through the "anomalies". Doctor Who is about a time traveling alien who travels in a Blue Police Box/Time Machine/ TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space) saving the earth and other planets. See when using words the things I am excited about sound so far fetched and almost stupid in their impossibility, but when I'm watching the television shows anything can happen! Aliens can attack earth! G-rexes can come running into airports! Daleks don't ever die as much as you want them too! You start to count shadows because if there is one too many you could have one of the Vashta Nerada stalking you! Things change in television, impossible is possible. I think that is what I like so much about sci-fi and fantasy novels and TV shows, they're so impossible they seem real when you use you're imagination. I always loved imagination, pretending, its probably why I enjoy acting so much; you can be someone you're not in situations that are not your own and its SO MUCH FUN!

I tend to get very attached to characters though, and then when they die or leave I tend to cry. This makes Doctor Who a hard show for me. As (I expect) very few of you know, the Doctor is an alien and when he is about to die he body fixes itself by rewriting all the genes in his physical body. The Doctor becomes a new person with the same memory, brain, smarts, etc but a totally new face/body/look. To achieve this, the actor for the Doctor changes every few seasons. Today I said "goodbye" to David Tennant as the tenth doctor and "met" Matt Smith as the eleventh. David is totally my favorite but Matt's not bad. Primeval doesn't have as much of that, though it does kill of people, I mean come on! working with dinosaurs is dangerous! In books I cry too when characters die or leave. Using my imagination I think I get so attached to them, I feel as though I'm part of the story, when they leave, it's like a close friend has left or died; it's sad.

Is that weird? Am I just REALLY nerdy and weird or do other people get attached to fictional characters? I kinda hope for my sake that you do, I don't want to be THAT weird, but if I am...oh well ;D

Once more this has been a completely unpoetic post. Sorry, may fix that later. Maybe.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Know Naught About Protein Powder

So I've honestly been meaning to post something up here for...well since I last posted something up here! The problem is I've been extraordinarily uninspired. I couldn't write a poem for the life of me even if I had been able to think of a topic (which I couldn't) so here is a post about my uneventful life seeing as I have no poems.

I'm sick. As in ill, not as in... nevermind, moving on. I have this evil cold thing that all but prevents breathing (though I swear if it could stop me breathing, it would). I have these nasty headaches (not useful when you have three tests in a two day time frame) and my voice is mostly gone. I sound like a creepy old dude. But my voice is too high for a dude...whatever, I sound, in the words of a grade two kid (and I quote) "like a adult person". Who knows what that say the darndest things :)

Enough about illness, it’s depressing! Let’s move onto my social life.
... ... ...
There we covered my social life!
Seriously though, massive lack of social life going on right now, I am so pumped that spring break has begun! No tests or daily homework due! (though I do have multiple projects due at the other end of the break... :S NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT)

As some of you may know, I have a...unusual job? I'm a janitor. I work at my church on the weekend cleaning things. fun. Anyway I've been doing this for seven months now and I was the only girl janitor (first girl janitor too) and I'm the only high schooler. I've been working with guys for seven months. Do you know what that does to your brain? Nothing, it means you turn your iPod up and don't talk for eight hours. Not talking is hard people! but I don't know anything about protein powder or bench pressing so iPod is the best I got! Anyway, THEY HIRED ANOTHER GIRL JANITOR! I gotta say, I was pretty excited, but kinda worried. I figured, you know, she knows she's going to be a janitor, she better not be ditzy, or lazy, or have problems with cleaning urinals! (I'm not going to do them every week!). We worked together for the first time on Saturday. It was the best workday I have ever worked in my life. She wasn't ditzy or lazy or scared of the boys' bathroom and though three years older than me, we talked, and talked, and talked and still finished all our work and all the extra work with forty minutes to spare. Girls are pro at multitasking. (That's one thing I didn't like about working with guys, as soon as they start talking, they stop working and then they just talk for like five minutes without doing any work while you're kinda talking to them and doing all your work like normal. Guys can't multitask.) Anyway, in one day I know my new co-worker better than the guy I've been working with for seven months. We finished early proving that strength was not an issue when setting out 300 chairs for a Sunday morning and putting out the substage, we set up, started and ran the machinery and we raised the bar at work. I think work just got more fun!

I can't think of anything else to write right now so cheers!
(Hopefully I'll write some more over spring break!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Don't know what inspired this poem. Maybe the weird dream I had last night...

Rose (February 22, 2011)

Long, dark corridors
Silent, stifled night
Tall, arched ceilings
Dimmed chandelier light

Large oak doors,
Lining every wall
Not a single creak,
From a door in the hall

Dark, shadowed room,
Large beyond compare
Roof’s too high to see,
It must be somewhere in the air

Four-poster bed,
Only thing in the room
On tall carved posts,
Flower buds that never bloom

Tall, narrow windows,
Made to look out, not to open
Here stands Rose,
Always waiting, always hoping

One day soon the Prince will come
The rooms will brighten, here dawns the sun
No longer in her prison hide,
To Rose locked doors will be flung wide

Long, dark corridors,
Dark, shadowed room
Here stands Rose,
In the light of the moon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dead Beaver

I recently bought the hat I am pictured wearing. I bought it 80% off (totaling to $6). Very excited I showed my new possession (that I got ON SALE!) to my friend who promptly informed me that it looked like a dead beaver. Everyone so far has agreed that it does so that hat has been nick-named, "The Dead Beaver" (it's not even real fur
Here, in honor of my hat, is a new poem.

Dead Beaver - February 15, 2011

Fuzzy and warm
Brown and soft
Flying bobbles
Dead Beaver

Fake fur
Six dollars
On sale
Dead beaver

Arctic toque
Epic hat
Softest headgear
Dead Beaver

Bobble broke
Now is fixed
Never to break off
Dead Beaver

Favorite thing
Will wear forever
Never to loose
Dead Beaver

Happy Flag Day Canadian people!

PS - Don't you think lines of miniature beavers should border the Canadian flag...? That would be VERY Canadian...
PPS - Yes, in the picture I have an upsidedown, temporary, Canadian red maple leaf tattoo on each wrist.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


If you don't know already, I'm a big fan of books and have a lot of them, 176 in fact.

176 (written January 18, 2011)

One, seven, six
One, seventy-six
One hundred and seventy-six
Books on my shelf

One, seven, six
Book are my fix
When all by myself
I turn to books on my shelf
One, seven, six

One, seventy-six
My books do not mix
With two candles on the ledge
Staying far from the edge
One, seventy-six

One hundred and seventy-six
Books of friends or schools or tricks
From my mum and her mum's hoard
With these books I'll never be bored
One hundred and seventy-six

Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Back!

Orange Juice, I'm back and I'm writing poetry.

Random poetry? Yes.
Fun poetry? Fun for me...
Good Poetry? bout you decide!
Here's Poem #1

Shell Boat (written January 17, 2011)

I have a little boat
A little boat made out of shells
It does not float
My little boat
My little boat of shells

I got it as a gift
It was a present from a friend
From across the sea
She kindly brought me
My little boat of shells

It is a very small ship
With three flags and rope of red
I'll pretend one day
To sail away
In my little boat of shells