Sunday, June 5, 2011

Now I'm Grown

Graduating soon...two weeks tomorrow.

Now I'm Grown - June 2, 2011

Started in kindergarten
Timid and shy
A small little four year old
Refusing to cry

Made myself friends
That are still friends today
We're now taller and wiser
But still know how to play

Heading to grad
Looking back with a sigh
I wonder when it's over
Will I let myself cry?

The thought of grad was exciting
What's changed now I'm grown?
Will my friends move away?
Will I be left alone?

I'll start life as a grown-up
No longer timid or shy
But a young seventeen year old
Refusing to cry

(Okay fine, I probably wasn't very shy or timid on my first day of kindergarten, but I am seriously worrying that I might cry at graduation....)


  1. I'm wondering if I will too. I can't believe my sweet little Becky is so grown up! It's gone too fast and I didn't manage to savour enough of the precious moments along the way!

  2. Oh - what a sweet little treasure - and it seems like yesterday! - the nicest thing though is that you are still a sweet treasure - just a grown one. It's OK to cry at the passing of a season - there will be many wonderful ones ahead!

  3. If you haven't already had the grad, congratulations on finishing! Welcome to the world of no summmer holidays.