Friday, May 6, 2011


Wrote this for a long answer question on an English test about authority, nationalism, and/or war.

Undeceived – May 3, 2011

To fight for the country, a marvelous thing
We’re told of the glory, when killings not sin
Defending our people, helping save lives
Killing those killers is right in our eyes

Young ones see glory, heroism, honor
The romance of war, not the guns nor the fire
They’ll come home as heroes, their enemies vanquished
Having fought, having won, gifts will be lavished

But where is the thought, the chance of a loss?
The focus is on one side but never across
When someone wins, then one always loses
Death fights for no side and accepts no excuses

Glory and romance and heroes are gone
Fire and shooting and death now belong
The stories they told us, of winning and honor
Never mentioned the screaming, how dying men holler...

The lies of authority ring in our ears
But to be called a coward...that everyone fears
We continue to fight, we face certain death
But those leaders, we’ll curse them with dying breath

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  1. Excellent poem, Becky - I think you have a gift there - you must write more!