Friday, June 10, 2011

Night Adventure

Procrastination...isn't it great? =D
I think this mouse picture is dreadfully cute...
Result = New Poem

Night Adventure - June 10, 2011

All huddled up in the root of a tree
So cozy and snug, she's as warm as can be

Plenty of food piled high in her nest
Taking a chance with some well deserved rest

The sun dips down lower to hide past the hills
The birds say goodnight with some sweet "Goodnight" trills

She wakes up and decides it's time for a snack
Then she feels eyes boring into her back

An owl swoops down, barely missing her tail
So sacred and surprised, she lets of a wail

Scamper and scamper through the trees in the dark
She stops suddenly when she hears a dog bark

Whoosh, comes the owl, hooting as he goes
Straight is the only safe place that she knows

Quick through a broken-up crack in the wall
The owl gives up, flies away with a call

Well you're safe little mouse, got away for today
Just always be careful outside when you play...


  1. Love how you have precisely explained what drowning feels like. Not many people are aware of what kind of a feeling they are going through.

  2. She is so cute. The poem is perfectly describing her and its feeling. She seems to be frightend and trying to hide her from someone between the trees. Its nice blog.