Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Know Naught About Protein Powder

So I've honestly been meaning to post something up here for...well since I last posted something up here! The problem is I've been extraordinarily uninspired. I couldn't write a poem for the life of me even if I had been able to think of a topic (which I couldn't) so here is a post about my uneventful life seeing as I have no poems.

I'm sick. As in ill, not as in... nevermind, moving on. I have this evil cold thing that all but prevents breathing (though I swear if it could stop me breathing, it would). I have these nasty headaches (not useful when you have three tests in a two day time frame) and my voice is mostly gone. I sound like a creepy old dude. But my voice is too high for a dude...whatever, I sound, in the words of a grade two kid (and I quote) "like a adult person". Who knows what that say the darndest things :)

Enough about illness, it’s depressing! Let’s move onto my social life.
... ... ...
There we covered my social life!
Seriously though, massive lack of social life going on right now, I am so pumped that spring break has begun! No tests or daily homework due! (though I do have multiple projects due at the other end of the break... :S NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT)

As some of you may know, I have a...unusual job? I'm a janitor. I work at my church on the weekend cleaning things. fun. Anyway I've been doing this for seven months now and I was the only girl janitor (first girl janitor too) and I'm the only high schooler. I've been working with guys for seven months. Do you know what that does to your brain? Nothing, it means you turn your iPod up and don't talk for eight hours. Not talking is hard people! but I don't know anything about protein powder or bench pressing so iPod is the best I got! Anyway, THEY HIRED ANOTHER GIRL JANITOR! I gotta say, I was pretty excited, but kinda worried. I figured, you know, she knows she's going to be a janitor, she better not be ditzy, or lazy, or have problems with cleaning urinals! (I'm not going to do them every week!). We worked together for the first time on Saturday. It was the best workday I have ever worked in my life. She wasn't ditzy or lazy or scared of the boys' bathroom and though three years older than me, we talked, and talked, and talked and still finished all our work and all the extra work with forty minutes to spare. Girls are pro at multitasking. (That's one thing I didn't like about working with guys, as soon as they start talking, they stop working and then they just talk for like five minutes without doing any work while you're kinda talking to them and doing all your work like normal. Guys can't multitask.) Anyway, in one day I know my new co-worker better than the guy I've been working with for seven months. We finished early proving that strength was not an issue when setting out 300 chairs for a Sunday morning and putting out the substage, we set up, started and ran the machinery and we raised the bar at work. I think work just got more fun!

I can't think of anything else to write right now so cheers!
(Hopefully I'll write some more over spring break!)


  1. Antidote to your lack of social life :P We should do something on spring break! :)

  2. too right about the multi-tasking! Glad you have a pleasant co-worker