Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Blogs are brilliant. Just saying...

Blogs give you a place to rant, to rave, to have an opinion (even if no one cares0, they give you a place to VENT!
Can you guess what's coming?

I think my teachers are in a gang. All of them. Like in the same gang. Their goal: to destroy my social life.
Now hold up Becky, you say. You have a social life?
Exactly. This is my point!
All my teachers will PILE ON THE HOMEWORK for one week, we have projects, test, assignments, and heaps of homework in every subject imaginable, and then the next week...I'm so bored I read multiple novels, write poetry, and communicate with the living (not that I've ever communicated with the non-living, it's just I'll have been a hermit the week before). I come out of my dark cave of a basement room, blinking confusedly at the sunlight, gasp in delight as I see the snow is gone and run outside without a jacket (only to find that I do live in Winnipeg and wind is cold).
See, no life.

This is one of THOSE weeks. Not the nice lazy oh-sun-exists? weeks, one of the JUST-KILL-ME-NOW-AND-GET-IT-OVER-WITH-I-WON'T-MAKE-IT-THROUGH-THE-WEEK-ANYWAY! weeks.
Ya. Basically.

See I'll give you an example, I have two tests this week, two infront-of-the-class-with-a-powerpoint presentations (one being a 40 minute long one) an massive ELA project due, an ELA book to read, questions to answer on the ELA book, observations to write down on the ELA book, homework in every subject in addition to the above-said insanity, I've been up past midnight every night for the past week and I'm working next Saturday so I can't catch up on sleep then AND I'M BEING MEAN TO MY SIBLINGS!
Though I doubt you're surprised at that last bit.
Hey I'd like to see you be in my place during a JUST-KILL-ME-NOW-AND-GET-IT-OVER-WITH-I-WON'T-MAKE-IT-THROUGH-THE-WEEK-ANYWAY! week. Seriously? Want to trade places for a week? Call me okay, we'll arrange something!

Thankfully next week is a three-day school week so in the possibility of me surviving this week, next week should be easier and with Thursday and Friday off (and I'm not working that Saturday!), I should catch up on some MUCH NEEDED sleep.

I'm using a lot of caps this blog arn't I?
I can't spell iehter. I left those mistakes in after correcting about a million, just to prove to you i can't spell.
Can you tell I'm stressed? I'm not even correcting speling!
Oh deer.

I'd beter go stduy.

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  1. You WILL get through it Becky, and in 5 to 10 years time, you probably will have forgotten all about it - as it will have become so unimportant - with all the wonderful things that are happening in your life - perspective!!