Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Don't know what inspired this poem. Maybe the weird dream I had last night...

Rose (February 22, 2011)

Long, dark corridors
Silent, stifled night
Tall, arched ceilings
Dimmed chandelier light

Large oak doors,
Lining every wall
Not a single creak,
From a door in the hall

Dark, shadowed room,
Large beyond compare
Roof’s too high to see,
It must be somewhere in the air

Four-poster bed,
Only thing in the room
On tall carved posts,
Flower buds that never bloom

Tall, narrow windows,
Made to look out, not to open
Here stands Rose,
Always waiting, always hoping

One day soon the Prince will come
The rooms will brighten, here dawns the sun
No longer in her prison hide,
To Rose locked doors will be flung wide

Long, dark corridors,
Dark, shadowed room
Here stands Rose,
In the light of the moon