Saturday, August 20, 2011


Photographs (August 16, 2011)

You know how to act
How fake a smile in the eyes
You bare your teeth at the world
Thank of daisies and butterflies
The camera goes flash
The people turn away
Shining eyes fade to away
You can’t ever cry
It makes make up run
Give a sigh, bite your lip
Just makes it pinker anyway
Shake your head
Stand up straight
Smile again, shine your eyes
You can cry on the inside
And hurt all you want
But if you smile on the outside
That’s all that they want
Some will ask questions
But you lie, you’re okay
They know that you’re lying
But don’t know what to say
So you sigh
Fake a smile
Bare those teeth at the world
But the world doesn’t care
As long as your eyes smile too

Hi readers! Thanks to those of you who read my stuff, and those who comment, I always love hearing from you! I just wanted to tell you all that I have another blog I've recently started that I'm reviewing every book I read on. If you're interested in that feel free to check it out over here: Becky's Blogging Books. Thanks for reading!
- Becky

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Conversation (August 16, 2011)

Talkidy, talk
Yakidy, yak
Chatting is easy
It’s lighthearted
It’s funny
But stuff that’s inside
No that’s dirty
That’s yucky
Who wants to talk deep?
Talk of puppies and babies
Talk of rainbows and parties
Of laughing at stories
And make people happy
Don’t let loose your problems
Then people get burdened
When it’s your stuff to bear
Don’t talk about sad stuff
Those worries or problems
People don’t want to hear that
It makes stuff so awkward
So hide that away
Talk of happy and silly
Talk of sunshine and blue sky
It’s prettier anyway

Fire-Breathing Dragons

This is another one of five poems I've written in the last hour. I'm on fire! (Ouch, honestly no pun intended there...)

Fire-Breathing Dragons (August 17, 2011)

If you think of the future
You might fall down and die
It’s just too big
And too scary
When the present’s still here
Take one day at a time
Cause the future’s a monster
It’s a great fire-breathing dragon
Breathing hard down your neck
But when you come up to it closer
And really look in its eyes
You learn dragons can be nice
It’s a lovely surprise

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


NOTE: This does not represent my home as in my house with my parents, it represents leaving the school that I attended for thirteen years of my life.

Home (August 16, 2011)

She set it up
She had routines
She cleaned, and polished
Set up and rearranged
She had a nice little life
Comfortable and happy
The house was organized
People admired it
They showed it to others
As an example to follow
They showed her off
As someone who’s done well
Then one day they gave her a paper
They congratulated her
And they kicked her out of the house.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Know the Alphabet!

Sorry I haven't been very poetic recently. I've been busy? Okay fine I'm lazy and haven't got around to creative thinking... happy?

Anyway, I'm cleaning out my room (to be specific, my closet) and I just discovered a poem I wrote for a school project I THINK in grade 8 (2007ish) and I found it kinda funny so I'll share it with you. It's an "ABC Poem" which means the first letter of each new line has to follow the pattern of the alphabet. It seems that I rewrote Snow White and invented some new words...

ABC Story

A long time ago there was a beautiful Princess
But she had an evil stepmother
Consequently when the Princess' father died the evil stepmother took over
Desperate for the throne she planned to have the Princess killed
Expertly the prospective killer let the Princess free in the woods
Free, the Princess wandered until she found a small cottage
Gratefully she walked up and knocked
Harder she knocked but no one answered
Inquisitively, she walked in but no one was home
Just to make sure she walked around the house
Konfident that no one was there, she fell asleep
Later that day seven dwarves came home to their small house in the woods
Much disturbed at finding the door open, they walked in
Not seeing anyone they went upstairs
On four of the small beds lay the Princess
Presently she woke up and saw the seven dwarves
Quivering she stood up and the dwarves saw her beautiful dress and knew that she must be the Princess
Running over they said "Please stay with us oh, Princess!"
She said, "Oh alright", as she thought it would be fun to live with seven dwarves
Tidying up, she cleaned the house and made her new friends a meal
Understanding that her stepmother didn't like her, the Princess remained with the dwarves for a long time
Vengefully the evil Queen wanted still to kill the Princess
When the evil Queen went down a river her intent was to kill the Princess herself
X-caping her notice a waterfall appeared and over the top the evil Queen went
"Y?" She cried as she fell in her boat; her boat was crushed and she died, the Princess was free
Zen the Princess and the dwarves lived happily ever after.

Cheesy? I'll have you know I got 30/30...