Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dead Beaver

I recently bought the hat I am pictured wearing. I bought it 80% off (totaling to $6). Very excited I showed my new possession (that I got ON SALE!) to my friend who promptly informed me that it looked like a dead beaver. Everyone so far has agreed that it does so that hat has been nick-named, "The Dead Beaver" (it's not even real fur people...lol)
Here, in honor of my hat, is a new poem.

Dead Beaver - February 15, 2011

Fuzzy and warm
Brown and soft
Flying bobbles
Dead Beaver

Fake fur
Six dollars
On sale
Dead beaver

Arctic toque
Epic hat
Softest headgear
Dead Beaver

Bobble broke
Now is fixed
Never to break off
Dead Beaver

Favorite thing
Will wear forever
Never to loose
Dead Beaver

Happy Flag Day Canadian people!

PS - Don't you think lines of miniature beavers should border the Canadian flag...? That would be VERY Canadian...
PPS - Yes, in the picture I have an upsidedown, temporary, Canadian red maple leaf tattoo on each wrist.

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