Thursday, December 1, 2011


The poem (or speech or whatever this is) that I wrote and recorded in the first ten minutes of December 2011.
Just kinda venting.

There is a time in your life when you look and stare and you think
What am I doing with my life
And you wonder why am I here, what am I doing
How is this going to help me in the future
And you think and you think and you think
And you overthink
You exhaust yourself and you’re stressed until you can’t think anymore and then you think of that stress and the troubles and dilemmas that come with not thinking, not planning not knowing and you sit down and cry and say
Why don’t I know, why can’t I think
Why can’t I afford that or go there and what am I doing my life
Why aren’t I happy and peace or smiling
Why can’t I cry, why do I feel fat, and why am I sitting here depressed and just eating
Why don’t I go for a walk in the park or see friends or be with family
why don’t I live just a little bit more
Live my life out, fulfill it do something worth doing
Play an instrument, learn a language, make friends or try out
Join a club, have a hobby, take risks, try to bake
And you think that and wonder and stress as you lecture yourself on the things you could do or should do and are not
And you stress and you lecture and spend all your time on the stressing and lecturing and and when you are done
You’ve done nothing, no living no trying or failing
No winning or loosing no smiling or falling
You’re the same lost and stressed and still stressing and failing
Cause you never stepped out in any acting or doing
So next time you’re stressing throw caution to the wind and just GO

- Dec 01/11

Here's a vid of my reading it. *video link*