Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Know the Alphabet!

Sorry I haven't been very poetic recently. I've been busy? Okay fine I'm lazy and haven't got around to creative thinking... happy?

Anyway, I'm cleaning out my room (to be specific, my closet) and I just discovered a poem I wrote for a school project I THINK in grade 8 (2007ish) and I found it kinda funny so I'll share it with you. It's an "ABC Poem" which means the first letter of each new line has to follow the pattern of the alphabet. It seems that I rewrote Snow White and invented some new words...

ABC Story

A long time ago there was a beautiful Princess
But she had an evil stepmother
Consequently when the Princess' father died the evil stepmother took over
Desperate for the throne she planned to have the Princess killed
Expertly the prospective killer let the Princess free in the woods
Free, the Princess wandered until she found a small cottage
Gratefully she walked up and knocked
Harder she knocked but no one answered
Inquisitively, she walked in but no one was home
Just to make sure she walked around the house
Konfident that no one was there, she fell asleep
Later that day seven dwarves came home to their small house in the woods
Much disturbed at finding the door open, they walked in
Not seeing anyone they went upstairs
On four of the small beds lay the Princess
Presently she woke up and saw the seven dwarves
Quivering she stood up and the dwarves saw her beautiful dress and knew that she must be the Princess
Running over they said "Please stay with us oh, Princess!"
She said, "Oh alright", as she thought it would be fun to live with seven dwarves
Tidying up, she cleaned the house and made her new friends a meal
Understanding that her stepmother didn't like her, the Princess remained with the dwarves for a long time
Vengefully the evil Queen wanted still to kill the Princess
When the evil Queen went down a river her intent was to kill the Princess herself
X-caping her notice a waterfall appeared and over the top the evil Queen went
"Y?" She cried as she fell in her boat; her boat was crushed and she died, the Princess was free
Zen the Princess and the dwarves lived happily ever after.

Cheesy? I'll have you know I got 30/30...

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  1. This is cute. I love it when you have to stretch to make the words fit :)