Tuesday, March 29, 2011

See any Vashta Nerada lately?

Some of you may know, some of you may not, but I am a massive nerd. Sci-fi, fantasy... love the stuff. Currently my top favorites are both British TV shows (because everything British is the best). Primeval is about rips in time opening and the team who has to fight and contain the creatures (mainly dinosaurs) that come through the "anomalies". Doctor Who is about a time traveling alien who travels in a Blue Police Box/Time Machine/ TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space) saving the earth and other planets. See when using words the things I am excited about sound so far fetched and almost stupid in their impossibility, but when I'm watching the television shows anything can happen! Aliens can attack earth! G-rexes can come running into airports! Daleks don't ever die as much as you want them too! You start to count shadows because if there is one too many you could have one of the Vashta Nerada stalking you! Things change in television, impossible is possible. I think that is what I like so much about sci-fi and fantasy novels and TV shows, they're so impossible they seem real when you use you're imagination. I always loved imagination, pretending, its probably why I enjoy acting so much; you can be someone you're not in situations that are not your own and its SO MUCH FUN!

I tend to get very attached to characters though, and then when they die or leave I tend to cry. This makes Doctor Who a hard show for me. As (I expect) very few of you know, the Doctor is an alien and when he is about to die he body fixes itself by rewriting all the genes in his physical body. The Doctor becomes a new person with the same memory, brain, smarts, etc but a totally new face/body/look. To achieve this, the actor for the Doctor changes every few seasons. Today I said "goodbye" to David Tennant as the tenth doctor and "met" Matt Smith as the eleventh. David is totally my favorite but Matt's not bad. Primeval doesn't have as much of that, though it does kill of people, I mean come on! working with dinosaurs is dangerous! In books I cry too when characters die or leave. Using my imagination I think I get so attached to them, I feel as though I'm part of the story, when they leave, it's like a close friend has left or died; it's sad.

Is that weird? Am I just REALLY nerdy and weird or do other people get attached to fictional characters? I kinda hope for my sake that you do, I don't want to be THAT weird, but if I am...oh well ;D

Once more this has been a completely unpoetic post. Sorry, may fix that later. Maybe.

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  1. Game of thrones and Friends, both are my favorite TV shows these days. I like Game of thrones more as there are feelings, revenge, love and the thrill also. It is best of the best one