Wednesday, April 27, 2011


New Poem written at like midnight last night. that's that time i get my story/poem/etc ideas (between 12-3am cuz, you know, i'm cool like that...)

Insecurity - April 27, 2011

Too tall
Too short
Big nose
Small hands
Squished eyes
Stretched mouth
Big feet
Crooked teeth
Nose job
Tuck job
Too thin
Too fat
Not cool enough
Not popular enough
Not smart enough
Not pretty enough
Why can't I look more like her?
Why don't I look the way I want to be?
Why is this the me I have to see?
You messed up God, look at me!
Why aren't I PERFECT?

But wait,

I was made lovingly
Perfectly, hand-crafted
Knit together in my mother's womb
Made to be me
I am how I was made to be
When I insult me, I insult Him
The maker, designer, the perfect creator
I was made in his image and
I Am Beautiful
I don't need to reach the world's standard
They aren't my judge, I shouldn't be theirs'
I was made to be above pretty
Above looks, coolness, and popularity
I was made to be friendly, honest, and kind
Made to be loyal, and a good listener
Maybe I wasn't made to be a model
Maybe I'm a teacher, a doctor, and friend, a mother
I don't have to look like the magazine girls
I was made for a reason
Each uniqueness is there for a purpose
I am made perfectly by His standards
And that's all that matters
I am the me I was made to be.


  1. That is so well-said Becky. I like everything about it, and agree with all that you said in the second half! And I also need to take some of it to heart in regards to my own insecurities.

  2. Great thoughts., Becky - would be a good insert in a bulletin, I reckon - did Dad hear that?!

  3. Nice post. I'm reading your blog for the first time and this one jumped out at me.