Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going in Circles

Going in Circles - April 29, 2011

Why is the last one always yucky?
There’s just one left in the bag
All the rest were fine and dandy
But that last one must be bad

No one wants to drink
The dribbles at the bottom
Something settles; good’s all gone
They’ve made evaporation station

The end is always sad
Even in the best of films
If you enjoyed it, now it’s over
No more, all gone, too bad

When something ends, the universe
Is mostly still intact
The old is gone but new will come
Beginnings need time to start

A first is always scary
Nerve-racking and teeth chatt’ring
But once in the groove
A first is fun, a start, a new beginning

No one would like anything
If they didn’t try it first
If they didn’t start, they wouldn’t know
We’d be stuck there being sad

Chapters end and chapters start
Beginning, end, beginning, end
The cycle of life circles round
Start, finish, start, finish

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